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Crickets for AfricaWaterfall Pets keep a variety of animals at the shop, including hand reared birds, fresh water tropical fish, birds, hamsters, dwarf hamsters, dwarf bunnies, and guinea pigs.

We also stock hamster and rabbit cages, bird cages, grooming aids and toys for dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, etc.

We have excellent lovely dog beds to make sure your best friend is comfortable and warm.

Waterfall Pets also keep a large variety of pet food, including dog food, fish food, supper worms, meal worms and crickets, chicken food, wild bird seed, garden mix, cockatiel, canary, lovebird, parrot seed, and hand rearing food for babies, and exotic fruit mix for parrots.

At Waterfall Pets we keep the following dog foods:
IDEAL - 8kg and 25kg
MONTEGO - Senior, Adult, puppy, and cat, all in 8kg and 20kg
TOP DOG - Senior light, Adult, Grower and Puppy, all in 6kg and 20kg
TIP TOP - Adult 25kg.

We also keep hay, lucern and saw dust for the bunnies, guinea pigs and hamsters.

Add to the above is our range of reptile bedding.
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